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FANART: Dean won’t wake up (pre-series)

“Daddy, Dee won’ wake up”

This is one of my entries for SPN around the world, but now I feel weird, is anyone watching this page? I feel like I’m yelling in an empty room….

Oh well! I’ve always been good at filling silences! XD

So! As I said this is an entry for Supernatural facing local creatures from somewhere else besides USA. This time the story goes like this:

Maybe John has come way too south or he had to cross the border to escape US authorities, fact is, he’s in Mexico now, facing a very curious creature that here is known as a ‘witch’ only somewhere else in the world this would be recognized as a ‘harpy’

In Mexican folklore ‘Witches’ are women who turn into big black birds to steal other women babies. They usually go for the smallest children in the house and I’ve heard tales that they sometimes make the mothers feel asleep, so that they cannot protect their children. Men don’t appear to be affected, and most of the tales end with the father using all items available (baseball bat, guns, stones) to scare away the ‘witch’.

That’s the myth at least, in this drawing Sam is a little older than the average ‘victim’ and Dean is definitely not his mother, but he’d certainly be the first to oppose his little brother being taken away, so my witch made little Dean fell asleep.

Regarding the composition and colors, sweet Jesus! I almost went blind for squinting every time I worked on this! So many darks! But John had to be in the opposite side of the room, guarding his kids, and Dean and Sam had to be in the light part, surrounded by plushies and a baby coverlet (cause really, would you let your kids sleep over motel sheets?)

…or maybe this is just one big explanation to see wee!Sam in his undies and wee!Dean asleep!

Type: Fanart

Location: Mexico

Genre: Gen

Style: inks, photoshop

Tags: fanart, supernatural
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