FANART: Dean won’t wake up (pre-series)

“Daddy, Dee won’ wake up”

This is one of my entries for SPN around the world, but now I feel weird, is anyone watching this page? I feel like I’m yelling in an empty room….

Oh well! I’ve always been good at filling silences! XD

So! As I said this is an entry for Supernatural facing local creatures from somewhere else besides USA. This time the story goes like this:

Maybe John has come way too south or he had to cross the border to escape US authorities, fact is, he’s in Mexico now, facing a very curious creature that here is known as a ‘witch’ only somewhere else in the world this would be recognized as a ‘harpy’

In Mexican folklore ‘Witches’ are women who turn into big black birds to steal other women babies. They usually go for the smallest children in the house and I’ve heard tales that they sometimes make the mothers feel asleep, so that they cannot protect their children. Men don’t appear to be affected, and most of the tales end with the father using all items available (baseball bat, guns, stones) to scare away the ‘witch’.

That’s the myth at least, in this drawing Sam is a little older than the average ‘victim’ and Dean is definitely not his mother, but he’d certainly be the first to oppose his little brother being taken away, so my witch made little Dean fell asleep.

Regarding the composition and colors, sweet Jesus! I almost went blind for squinting every time I worked on this! So many darks! But John had to be in the opposite side of the room, guarding his kids, and Dean and Sam had to be in the light part, surrounded by plushies and a baby coverlet (cause really, would you let your kids sleep over motel sheets?)

…or maybe this is just one big explanation to see wee!Sam in his undies and wee!Dean asleep!

Type: Fanart

Location: Mexico

Genre: Gen

Style: inks, photoshop

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Love it! I grew up near the US/Mexico border & always heard tales to stay away from the birds at night or the lechusas or witches would steal us away! Awesome job!
This is a great picture, I love all the details like the little rabbit, and the stylised net curtains. The lighting is effective, all the time you spent on this was time well spent!
This is VERY cool! Is there any significance to the name "Green Apple"? Love the dreamcatcher over the bed, totally. :D
oh! you noticed the dream catcher! XD

and Greenapplefreak is my name at Deviantart.... i'm egocentric that way... ^^;
I love the picture. The colors and the play of the light plus wee ones and fierce John. Neat to learn about the story of the witches. Nice work.
This is an awesome drawing. I love John here. He looks very cool. And Sammy is just cute. The whole thing has an very thick atmosphere. I love the details - though maybe John shouldn't leave all those weapons around with little Sammy in there.

It's an interesting story, too! Great work!
haha, no, propbably not very child friendly... ^^;

but hopefully, he does store them back into the duffel once morning right?

This is awesome too! :)
I really like the stories behind your illustrations! It´s nice to learn something new whith each picture :)

And I love it that the scene is set during Sam´s and Dean´s childhood.I absolutely adore the Wee!Chesters!*aww*
mee too! they are so cute! littel kids in need of love! X3

this is why I like SPN wolrdwide: you learn interesting folk stories that only locals know!
thanks again for your kidn words!
Oh yes, they´re really cute! :)
Your picture reminded me of all the Wee!Chester stuff I´ve ideas for and never get around to draw *sigh*

SPN worldwide is indeed very interesting. Now that I posted my entry, I´m starting to look through all the contributions and there are some awesome works :)
that's ver kind of you!!

yeah, that's a freaky story all right... but weird enough in some parts of Mexico they also believe that young men can die if they encounter 'la llorona'

unless there's a young woman nearby, then this spirit has no option but to leave. ;)

thanks for your words!
Wow, this is really cool!
I like the darkness of it, the silence in it. I love little Sammy and John looks really bad-ass!
And without the explanation, I'd never have found the witch on the pole! O.O Even without that one, it was still so DARK, with the weapons on the beds, and the kids so silent... very, very creepy-good!

Uhm, I dunno much about Mexico, but are the Motel-signs in English over there?
oh lol!
now that you menation it, you're right, the sings should have been in english! :P

...I feel a tiny bit embarassed now ^^;

as for the rest of your comment, thank you! I really appreciated it, it was very kind, and yeah, I myself have troubles finding the witch!
No, the signs are in English ;-) But shouldn't they be Spanish/Mexican?

Doesn't matter, it is such a good picture! I Really love it!